Thursday, 4 March 2010


Welcome to the Honeywell Blog for the trip to the IOW in 2010!

On here will be daily updates, quotes from children and you can leave messages whilst reading all the latest news.


  1. Hope you are all having fun! Yasmine I miss you so much.
    Love Runa xx

  2. Comment from Henry for Eloise

    Hi Eloise
    I have destroyed your bedroom!!!!!!!


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  4. To Martha
    Hope you are having a lovely time
    We're all missing you, it's very quiet without you
    Love from mum

  5. To Maja

    Missing you already!
    I'm sure you are having lots of fun
    Send us a blog if you get time

    Lots of love dad, mum & Eva xxx

  6. To Mahdi

    Hi how are you?
    I hope you are having good time.
    Missing you already.

    Love mum

  7. To Eric
    Quiet here without you.
    Really hope you are having a great time and get some sleep tonight. Remember, there are Kit Kats to be won!
    Love you, Mummy

  8. Dear Margot - just a bit quiet without you, hope you survived the ferry crossing? We all missing you - did you earn your 4 finger kitkat?
    Love you,darling from Mummy, Daddy, Ella and Jack xx

  9. Hi Mariella, very quiet here without you ! Lucia is really excited about her sleepover with Ollie & Georgia tonight. Did you find the jelly babies ? Hope you are having fun, love Mum, Dad & Lucia

  10. hi hanna kingsbery is mum. We all missing you
    have great time see u soon
    love mum

  11. Hi Lolo
    Hope you're enjoying everything and got at least some sleep last night?! Don't worry, nobody has been in your room - it's still in the same mess!! Did you find the photos?
    We love you,
    Mummy, papa, Drewbag, Fish, The Beast and Dave

  12. hi kyron. missing you already. i nearly went in your room this morning to wake you up for school!! hope you slept well, and earned your kitkat! have a lovely time
    lots of love, kisses and hugs from mummy, danny,paris, tiana and lightening. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Hi mahdi, how are you?
    the comment from the teachers says all!
    Hope you had good night sleep.its wonderful to hear everyone is having great time.

    Missin you?
    Love Hannah

  14. Hi Jamie

    Hope you are all having a great time, and that Mr Reed didn't end up with an arrow in his head during the archery session! Harry says he isn't missing you, though he said to tell you he reached level 22 on PS3! Granny and Grandad are still here, though Cicely has gone home now. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, be good! Lots of love, Mummy & Daddy xxxxxxxxxx PS tilly and Lewie send you lots of furry kisses too. Miaow! Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrxxx

  15. Hi Maddie hope you have been having an exciting time in the sunshine. It is spookily quiet here without you...Chutney and Rollo have been good and had a lovely run in the garden today. They are missing you but we are feeding them lots of treats to cheer them up (us too!) George is busy making lots of art work to give you when you get back. I thought I might have a little clear out in your room tomorrow - you don't mind do you? (Just kidding!) Miss you lots! Love Mummy, Daddy George and Grace

  16. Hi Ash, hope you are having a great time in the IOW. Waiting to see you on Friday. Love Mummy xx.

  17. Hi Katarina,

    Thx 4 this link - what a great idea.

    Bet you are settled in and having exploring everything from dorms to beaches? Did u know your Gran and Granpa honeymooned there a l--o--n--g time ago - it was the equiv' of the Seychelles back then!

    Look forward to your news when we're done from Leics 2 c u Sunday.

    Love Auntie Nicola (and U/Pat) xxx

  18. oh - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATARINA for today!