Monday, 15 March 2010

Monday Morning set off

The sun is shining, the forecast is great. The teachers are smiley and looking refreshed, off to the IOW we go!!


  1. Have a great time everyone! We'll see if the teachers are still looking refershed and smiley on Friday...

  2. Esme,

    We hope that you are having lots of fun. Also that you found your Nintendo DS in your bag as I cannot find it anywhere at home!! Unless..............Bonnie ate it!Alex will definitely lend you his if you need it.
    Love Mum, Dad and Alex xx.

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  4. Lily loves Jessie. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Charlotte... :)
    Hope you're having a fantastic time. You're so lucky that the sun is shining! Have fun and don't eat all those sweets too quickly! Mum, Dad, Izzy, Cloud & Milo xxxxxxx

  6. Hi George (Mead)
    Hope you're having a wonderful time. Have you got as muddy as Charlie did yet?
    We're missing you and looking forward to seeing you on Friday.
    Heaps of love, Mummy and Charlie xxx

  7. Hello Yasmine,

    Hope you had fun today. Has Renee had a lovely Birthday? Missing you lots,

    Love Mummy x

  8. Hello Vlada!
    Hope you are having fun time! Rosie told me that she missed you so much last night thats why didnt allow me to sleep. When you are back please talk to her how to be a good pet. Love you and miss you a lot