Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wednesday Evening

A really good, energy filled day! The very exciting 3G swing has been tried and tested and the wait was very much worth it!! It was a day for the girls. As the 6Q girls easily defeated the boys in team tech and the 6H girls were the easy winners in the problem solving task with the tyres!! A certain male twin in 6Q did his best to take his quad completely out of the course, but the barriers won!-we were hoping he wasn't trying to completely escape! Weather hasn't been as sunny as yesterday, but still really warm. Have to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of some cold and rain tomorrow-however we've been so lucky so can't complain. Mr.Reed has just enforced the strictest of room inspections, with unbelievably all the children rising to the task and making the grade.
Here's the boys comments from today:
Tom 6R:3G swing was amazing, real adrenaline rush!! Problem solving was really good as we had to work together. Team tech was pretty similar but we had to build things instead of solve. Dorm has got loads of space has we only have 2 bunks (editor note: this doesn't mean there room is tidy or that they have won any kitkats!!) I really like our group as we all work really well together.
George 6H:3G swing was massive fun, I was a bit nervous at first but when I got up there it was really fun. I had to pull the chord and let us go-James was just squealing. Zip wire was great as I'm not that great with heights, but I knew I'd already been that high with abseil, so when I got to the top I just went for it. I like the food although maybe its not that good for me! (you're right there George!!) Lovely roast dinner tonight though!
Ewan 6Q: Balance beam was really cool, climbing to the top and walking into the middle and leaning back. The way 3G swing just went straight back down and you started swinging was amazing. I have a really good dorm-lots of people have fitted in to such a small space. My favourite food has been pasta.
So 3 satisfied customers there. I can personally recommend the 3g swing as well, although I'm not sure that Sam D-S in my class was to enthralled at spending the highlight of his week on a swing with his teacher! Some great photos and videos been taken, but you''ll have to wait for our return to view them. Right, I'm off to murder mystery, hopefully I'll find a few volunteers to mysteriously murder!


  1. Keep the news coming Mr H! It's the highlight of my day right now! COME ON THE BOYS!!!!! SHAPE UP!!!!

  2. George, don't worry about the unhealthy food. We are planning a week of carrots and spinach when you get back!
    Good to hear you're going for it and having fun. Make sure you win at least one kitkat by the end of the week.

    all our love

    Charlie and mummy

  3. Great news!
    Vlada, I hope you are having fun.
    Rosie i ya ochen po tebe skuchaem. Doma pusto, nikto ne shumit, nikto ne sorit, no samoe glavnoe nikto so mnoy ne razgovarivaet. Moe interview na rabotu skoree vsego budet na sled nedele. Davay vozvrashaysya, mama uje sovsem soskuchilas.
    Celuyu krepko


    with love from

    Charlie and Kathy

  5. Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!!.....Hope you will get some (more?) kikats today!

    Love from Leo, Lucie, Celine et Xtophe

  6. We've been beaten to it!
    Happy birthday, Jonathan, with lots of love from Maman, Dad and Thomas xxx

  7. Hi mahdi,how are you?
    ThanKs to all the staff with their updates, its great to know the kids are enjoying their time there.

    Miss you mahdi!
    Love hannah

  8. Just watched a video of a 3G swing. I'm not suprised you thought it was massive fun George. It looks brilliant. I want a go!

    Have a great day today and wish Jonny a happy birthday from us.

    lol Mummy x


    Lotos of Love,

    A/Nicky and U/Patrick xx xx

  10. Hello Yasmine. Wow! Sounds like you are all having such a fantastic time! And eating rather a lot of KitKat too!

    Mummy is missing you and can't wait to see you tomorrow!

    Love & hugs Mummy xxxx

  11. Panda,

    Send my warmest regards to all your mates and congratulations on winning the various challenges yesterday. Girlpower at its finest, I assume you have been a wonderful example to the rest of the group!

    We are all missing you and very proud at the same time, take care.

    Lots of love,

    Daddy x

  12. Happy birthday Jonathan! Thanks for a great blog Mr H though you're making us all jealous - sounds so much FUN! Sam, well done for going for the Leap of Faith and hope you didn't scream too loudly in Mr H's ear on the 3G Swing!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow and hear all about it ... enjoy the last bit of your time there. Mama x x x PS Take some photos!

  13. Hi Lolo. How many KitKats so far then?! We send you the most enormous bisous - and give one to Tinka The Birthday Girl too!!
    Be good, and if you can't be good, be careful!!!
    Love you baby-girl, see you tomorrow.
    Mummy, papa, Drewbag, Fish, The Beast and Dave
    PS be aware - Grandma is watching......

  14. Hi Arun again.
    sincerely hope you have taken a liking to kitkats.
    don't forget to take lots of pictures.
    bet you wish we had packed your nerf strike machine gun thingy for surprise attacks on your mates, the girls, Miss Blake!
    See you on Friday
    Lots of love and hugs
    Mummy, Daddy, ickle Seth the nutcase, the Moo and all those fishes