Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday Morning

The last entry of this monumental journey. The kids loved the disco last night and shock horror!- All the dorms won kitkats. Many even turned their lights out themselves, well before 10pm!

Mr.Reed's clear out this morning has been as efficient as BMW engine, with all kids packing their bags and stripping their beds way before the deadline.

Drizzle and wet grass this morning has created some moans, but its not cold! 6R are going through their paces on the leap of faith as a final activity and the others are strewn about across the campus. I'm off to hopefully defeat the other half of 6H in archery, but I think there's another teacher waiting for me as well to provide some stiff competition.

Hopefully everything will run on time and only one more Kingswood meal to endure, the glory of a packed lunch!!

Signing off.........


  1. Thanks for all the blogs. It was great to hear what was going on. The children have obviously had an absolute blast, so thanks too for all your hard work in making it all happen.

    Kathy Mead

  2. yes i agree with kathy. thank you so much for the blogs, i've become a bit obsessed with it!!
    thanks to all the teachers for giving their time...and energy!
    sarah fossett

  3. Thanks to all the teachers for the blogs, it was great to hear how kids enjoyed their stay.
    looking farwards to seeing you today.

    lots of love

  4. A huge thank you to all the staff for giving Year 6 such a great week - you all deserve a gold medal and a very peaceful weekend! Thanks as well to Mr Holmes for taking the time to write such an entertaining blog .. perhaps a new career direction?!

  5. Well done to all for making the trip such a success. Especial thanks to blogger extraordinaire, Mr Holmes!

  6. Many thanks to all at Honeywell and Kingswood for making this such a successful trip. Katharina was very chuffed to be given such warm birthday greetings! And well done Blogger Holmes!

    Dominica, Freddy, & Sam Schulenburg