Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thursday evening

Another really good day. The first spots of rain and cold came in this evening, with cries of "I'm cold!" Well I don't know, kids these days, they don't know how lucky they've been. They haven't had a true IOW experience, we're bringing them in January next year!!
The kids have all just gone off the Disco, where unfortunately I won't be throwing too many moves. I am still wallowing in my archery victory, although a certain young Mr. Blackett in my class ran me very close. I've got the other half of the class to defeat tomorrow-you can't let those competitive instincts slip, just because you're off the mainland.
The cakes have been consumed tonight by 6Q and 6H. With 6H having a rather tasty carrot cake to munch their way through! The bags have been packed -it was a bribe from Mr.Reed otherwise no disco! Mostly boys have not managed to realise that if the clothes came in the bag they will go back in it! 1 boy brought me a bin liner full tonight saying he just couldn't fit his dirty clothes in. Some boys also discovered a thing called running water tonight, they were either sprucing themselves up for the disco or for the return home..... I'll let you decide!
For those with older siblings you are going to have a bit of a shock and disappointment that the clothes you sent in the hope of being destroyed have in fact not been!
Right some thoughts from our lovely children: Birthdays first.
Jonathan 6H:
Dorm sang happy birthday as I woke up. I did climbing which I really enjoyed. There was a slant which was quite hard, but I liked the challenge. Balance beam was fun but really high up! It was quite windy as well which made it even more worrying.
Having my birthday in the IOW was weird not being with my family, but it was good spending the whole day with my friends. (He loved the presents as well, mum and dad)
Katharina 6Q:
I woke up and everyone sang happy birthday and everyone wanted me to sit with them at breakfast, which was great. I did 3G swing with Vlada and helped her overcome her fear of heights. Low ropes and orienteering were both great, although we got a bit confused with orienteering. I was at first a bit sad about having my birthday away from home, but everyone has been really supported and I am really happy that I did it. Most of us in the dorm have felt a little home-sickness at one stage or another but we've helped each other through.
Alex 6R:
It's been great! Had to make my own bed for a change. I've been doing loads of good activities. I've loved the adrenaline rush activities such as 3G swing. I'd like to stay a bit longer but looking forward to going home. Our group has been really good and we've worked together well.
Mariella 6H:
I've had a great time. I went to the top of 3G swing with Julia and plummeted down really fast at an amazing speed. My dorm has been a bit small but cosy when everyone is in there. I've made lots of friends with people from other classes and I'm sad to leave!
So, there we go, last long blog. Hopefully get in a short one tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the A3 isn't up to any tricks and we'll be back between 4-4.30pm.
Don't stock up on any haribo sweets or kitkats! I'm off for a cup of tea ;) (or maybe sample some of the Wilton's kind gift!)


  1. Dear Maddie,
    Hello again - we are all so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Enjoy your last few hours of adventure - good luck for the leap of faith tomorrow (lucky last?) - go for it! George says to tell you he is missing you lots, the bunnies are fine and I've kept them out of your bulbs. Looking forward to hearing your stories... Lots of hugs, Mummy xxxxxx
    To the teachers- thank you for giving the children this unforgettable experience - you all deserve a medal! The blog has been a gripping read - checking for updates has become a bit of an addiction this week!

  2. hi kyron. good to hear you gave mr holmes a good bit of competion on the archry!! can't wait to see you tonight. love you lots, mum. xx