Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tuesday morning

Slight technical issues on the IOW here, but hopefully a combination of technology and communication between here and Honeywell, the blog will be updated!
After an amazingly smooth journey down the A3 into Portsmouth and a comfortable ferry ride, we arrived at our base for the week, Kingswood.
Some children realised that bringing the kitchen sink wasn t quite worth it as they struggled up the stairs with their suitcases. The horrendous site of an un-made bed was awaiting them. Lots of promises and favours were then called in for the 4 children who could actually make the bed.
The first meal was consumed and we set off for the evening activity of Fame Game. There were comparisons with the Royal Variety Performance, but really only in the fact that there was some sort of performance going on.
The children rushed back to their dorms to find out the result of the first dorm inspection, to realise that Mr. Reed was taking on the guise of the strictness of an ofsted inspector and things like 'creased duvets' had lost them a couple of marks!
Light went out at 10pm and probably 3 children were asleep 30 minutes later! Those who were going to the 'toilet' realised that the teachers threats of standing outside their rooms until they fall asleep was a reality. I ve decided to write a book on my returns on the memoirs of the IOW, as I have never heard so much gossip in my life. Either that or threaten to tape their conversations and embarrass them in later life!
The 7am curfew was carefully kept to, apart from they all lost 45 minutes on their watches somewhere in the night and decided to risk 6.15am-oh, the kit-kats that have been lost as a result!
Children s Comments later on their first full day, including the birthday girl Renee (6H). Off to the beach as well, for hopefully a bit of a sandcastle competition and beach cricket!And we got a new activity added in called 3G swing, which has replaced circus skills. It sounds not to unlike a mini-bungee!! There are some fears to be overcome in the next 24 hrs, especially from 1 of my groups who are off to do the leap of faith first thing!!


  1. sounds like the're having a great time! i'm full of envy! happy birthday Renee!

  2. Happy Birthday Renee!

    Runa xx

  3. Have a great time Year 6 - sounds fantastic, wish I was there! Happy birthday Renee - what a great place to be for it.
    Miss you very much Sam - far too quiet here without you! Lots of love to you - get an early night :) Mama x

  4. Happy Birthday RENEE!!!!

    lots of love from all of us,
    Simone, Elliot, Benjamin!, Caliana, Mum and Dad.
    P.s Oma called, wishing you a happy birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday Renee. I hope Ophelia was one of the ones who could make a bed. Lots of love from India where I am staving off a tummy bug on day 3!

  6. To the children in the iow i hope you are all having a very nice time and enjoying it a lot. ilove you a lot maddy m.Love Kitty mxxxxxxooo

  7. Hope everyone is having a great time. I wish I was there!
    From Charlie :)

  8. hi Isabel, MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    happy birthday Renee!

    lots of love Mummy, Daddy and Miranda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Hi Izzy,it sounds like you have an exciting day ahead of you tomorrow with leap of faith and zip wire. It's very quiet here without you. Love Mum, Dad,Jemima and Cosmo xxx

  10. Hi Jules, mum and me thrashed your RECORD in ARCHERY, mum got 93 andI got 97, I wanted to get 100. I nealy got there. Have a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love from Leo and Lucie. x. x. x. :) :) :) :( :( :(

    Hope you have a lot of fun Jules! We miss you a lot....see you on Friday. Love from Mum & Dad

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENEE!!! We hope that you have had a wonderful day.
    We hope that you have great fun. Dad says he is very happy that he is not doing the leap of faith!!
    Lots of love to ESME from Bonnie :)(wag wag) and the cats:), Natalie in India, Alex, Mum and Dad

  12. Happy birthday Renee from Martha's family.
    Sounds like you are all having fun. Mr.Holmes, your blogging skills are to be commended. Looking forward to the next up date.No pressure!
    Martha we are still missing you......it's so quiet!!!!

    The foxes

  13. Hello Yasmine, Is your wobbly tooth out yet? Missing you tons, love Mummy & Daddy xxxxxxxxx