Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wednesday Morning Blog.

Some quotes from the girls about yesterday:

Start off with the birthday girl in 6H, Renee:

I had a great birthday, there was a banner in my room when I woke up from my room mates and they all had a small present to give me, which was great. The dorm is really good fun.
I loved quad biking because I didn't crash and I overcame my fear of heights in abseiling. I learnt loads during the trip down the cave. The best part of the day was the beach as I got to make sandcastles! In the evening I had some cake with all my class.

Now, another class-Alice 6R:
I really enjoyed zip wire, it was scary but really fun. The 1st go the instructor pushed me, but then I let myself go the second time. I loved night line, it was muddy and I was blind-folded. We first played a game called find the animal noise-which was really funny! The dorms have really thin walls, but we have won our kit-kats!
I love free time as well as I get to play basketball and the boys will even let us play!!

Finally, Hannah 6Q:
I liked leap of faith the best, it was really scary, but I managed to get all the way to the top. I also really liked caving, but it hurt my back a bit as it was underground. The go-karts went really fast, but unfortunately you had to slow down at the corners.
I really like the fame game evening activity, as we got to do silly things in front of an audience.

Well, there we go, the girls seem to be having a great time. Quotes from the boys later today.

The sun is out and everyone is having a great time, all children are on activities-no sickness!! 6H have sampled the amazing 3G swing, with video evidence-even of the teachers.

A few more kit-kats won by the girls, the boys haven't quite reached those dizzy heights yet!

We were interrupted in the staffroom last night at around 9.30pm with a knock at the door and "Come quick, there is spider in a room and we need some help". Needless to say sympathy wasn't in great supply from the teachers, although Miss Blake, being a trained first aider tackled the hideous problem!!


  1. Hi Arun,

    We posted a note for you which seems have attached itself to yesterday's blog. Please check but most importantly, have fun!!
    See you on Friday

    Mummy xxx

  2. It's good to hear everyone's having fun and that the children are keeping the teachers on their toes. Special day for Jonathan C tomorrow: you'll be hearing more from us!

  3. To Holly 6Q

    I miss you holly

    Love Lucy xxx

  4. Hi Lewis/Max

    Go to sleep and win your KitKats as the girls are eating them all!!
    Have fun, miss u lots
    x x x x

  5. To Emily Butler 6R
    hope your having fun
    Maddy's enjoying using your apple laptop
    Ive bumped my leg hope you havent bumped yours and no accidents have happened
    miss you lots looking forward to friday cuddle
    and if your lucky DVD ;)
    Lots of love Mummy

  6. Hi Margot
    it seems quiet with out you.
    i hope your having a good time,I miss you and can't wait to see you on Friday
    love Boom/Ella xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Thanks for the updates, much appreciated! Sounds like the kids are having a wonderful time. Do the teachers get a week off next week? ;)