Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tuesday evening - lovely day

Tuesday evening.
Well, a pretty amazing day. If I tell you that I never put a pair of gloves or a hat on, you will know the weather has been amazing. Culminating in a sandcastle competition and beach cricket until the sun disappeared behind the cliffs at 5.45pm.
Some groups have had an adrenaline filled day, others have been taking it lightly and preparing themselves for the challenges ahead. Honeywell children are certainly not ones to keep to the stereotypes. We've had girls driving full speed, without locating the brake, in go karts... straight into the tyres! and boys refusing to even attempt the real heart in the stomach effort of the 'leap of faith'. We've been very impressed with the effort children have been putting in, we had a 100% attempt by 6H at the leap of faith and abseiling. Whilst 6Q have been going down the caves and 6R have been tackling the teacher's favourite-nightline. The hose that Mr.Reed was using suddenly seemed to have a mind of its own whilst he was cleaning children and their muddy boots!
We've had all children out and about today, with a few carrying minor injuries or sickness, but battling on through in order to make all the activities.
Special mention to many of the girls in all three classes in the sandcastle competition. Unfortunately it turned into a bit of a 'sludge competition' due to the sand being so wet. Where were the boys I here you ask? Well, there was a football, a cricket set and some stones to be thrown.........
The shop has taken a complete hammering today and when I say our Children have strictly been following the 5 a day rule, that would be sweets and packets of, rather than fruit!
The teachers have been throwing themselves into activities all over the place, but for most the lure of the sun outside was far greater than a dip down the cave. Unfortunately Mr. Warbis attempt at the Zip wire, made him realise why some of the activities are designed for children and not adults of the over 6ft variety.
6H have just sung Happy Birthday to Renee and helped demolish the gateau.
Cinema tonight and then hopefully a few more kitkat's earnt than last night!
Fingers crossed for the sun tomorrow, although its not looking too hopeful and then we will batten down the hatches for the expected rain later in the week!
I will bring some children tomorrow, but they had all disappeared before I started the hike to the internet connection!
Apologies if updates aren't as instant as expected, but this is having to go via email before being posted on the blog, due to some lovely technical issues!


  1. Hi Charlie T
    Mum is nagging you to clean your teeth and make sure you get a front row seat when the lost property is being sorted out. Enjoy your last few hours with you iPod Touch before it's gone. Have fun buddy - did you really abseil??? - Anna wants to know if you are enjoying your trip... we're all missing you... a lot!

  2. Thanks to you Mr Holmes for such great and detailed news! Today should have been a gorgious day!! Lucky you..
    To all of Honeywell Year 6 : HAVE FUN!! and to the staff : BE NICE AND PATIENT ;))
    To Mathis "Hey, sure you enjoy a lot! So please do everything that you're not allowed to do with me at home!! lol ;) U know what? Yogi -our cat- jumped over the fence and went to our neighbour's garden today!! big step! And u? High ropes!! Big kiss, lov and hug from Emma and me".

  3. Great update, sounds fantastic fun !!
    Remember to take some photos's Mariella.
    Hugs, Mum, Dad and Lucia

  4. Morning George! Great to know you did the Leap of Faith. Well done. It sounds like you are all having a wonderful time. Mr Holmes is doing a great job keeping us all informed.
    Much love, Mummy and Charlie xxxx

  5. Hi Millie
    So pleased to hear that you are all having an amazing time...wish we were there too!
    Hope you and your friends are enjoying the Anzac biscuits and I guess you are one of the ones buying too many sweets at the tuck shop...hope the sugar rush gives you a burst of energy for the activities and not a burst of energy to keep you up talking too late...
    Have fun and enjoy every minute...
    Lots of love Mum, Mike, Sam and Bubs xxx
    PS I bet you made a few beds...
    PPS Enjoy 'PHENCING' tomorrow

  6. Hi there Arun
    Hope you are having lots of fun and the sun keeps shining for a bit longer for you.
    Life here seems REALLY dull compared to all the things you are getting up to.
    Seth enjoyed his athletics day. The Honeywell Years 3 and 4 team came second and got silver medals.
    Maia has really enjoyed her first full day at Nursery. She played with Martha (please tell Ewan) and tried rice pudding!
    We miss you, it is SO QUIET at home! Bet you aren't missing us.
    Keep up the sweetie intake and enjoy yourself.
    Lots of love from
    Mummy, Daddy, Seth, Maia, Dodge, Rosie, Wotsisname and Hammerhead (all doing well)

  7. Hi rhea hope you are having the time you deserve BRILLANT . Love you loads mum xxxxx